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L & S Retaining Walls is dedicated to quality custom hardscape work. We are experienced in commercial and residential stone projects, from driveways to retaining walls.


Stone Patios

Stone Patios

Stone Patios are a popular choice for enjoying the outside of your home. Long-lasting and aesthetic, your patio creates a place to relax, enjoy a meal, host a party, or catch a sunset with a loved one. Stone Patios can range from simple to elegant, depending on your wants and style.
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Stone Sidewalk Pictures

Stone Sidewalks

Every front door leads somewhere. A safe, durable, clean walkway is essential for getting you out the door to where you want to go. LS Hardscapes offers a variety of stone sidewalk styles, sure to compliment your home and property.
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Hardscape Sidewalk Projects

Retaining Walls

Create that perfectly level lawn or outdoor living space with a retaining wall. A retaining wall  enhances the natural slope of your terrain and protect property from erosion.
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Stone Driveways

Stone Driveways

A stone driveway is a creative improvement over plain asphalt. Stonework can be artwork, giving your driveway a look of its own.
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We are happy to talk to you about any kind of stone patios, stone sidewalk, stone retaining walls, stone driveway or other hardscape project.